7 FT. Flag Poles

• Tournament poles are manufactured to the highest quality and appearance for excellent corrosion resistance and weatherability. • Base color is impregnated throughout each Bayco Golf Flag Pole. • Polyester fibre surface veil to minimize slivering. • Fiberglass poles come complete with aluminum bottom ferrule, top stud and acorn nut. Will suit swivel or tube type flags.

A. Part No. 300TBW-72 - 7ft. White Tour Pole/w 2BK, Stripe
B. Part No. 300TBW-71 - 7ft. White Tour Pole/w 1 BK, Stripe
C. Part No. 300TW-7 - 7ft. White Tour Pole
D. Part No. 300TRW-72 - 7ft. White Tour Pole/w 2 Red, Stripe
E. Part No. 300TY-7 - 7ft. Yellow Tour
F. Part No. 300TBY-71 - 7ft. Yellow Tour Pole/w 1BK, Stripe

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