RM-101 Deluxe Ball Washer

The best and most expensive range ball washer with presoak tank that has a pump that pumps the balls out of the water into the brush area. Can dump a 3 gang picker ball capacity into this unit and walk away.

• Cleans 16,000 balls per hour
• Stainless steel brush tank with 90 elbow
• Pre-soak tank holds 2,500 balls at one time
• Pumping:
-Agitates water, impoving the ball soaking
-Will not jam with balls
-Maximizes the delivery of balls to the brush tank
-Fiberglass tank is lightweight and durable
-Eliminater many parts that conveyor washers require.
• Gently moves golf balls from range mate 2000 washer into dispenser using air.
• No moving belts or augers needed.
• Internal system available in The Ball-O-Matic dispenser.
• Custom external system available for other ball dispenser.
• Available only for the Range Mate 2000 washer. 

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