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Bag Shag Ranger

The BAG SHAG RANGER is a hand held golf ball retriever designed to hold 100 golf balls. Its open top design eliminates the need for a zipper so the balls empty through the top. It features a strong UV resistant cordura bag and all the same quality parts used in the Original Bag Shag.

Bag Shag Tube


Balshag Tube

The BalShag Tube holds 23 golf balls. Features include: durable aluminum tube, stainless steel clips and plastic ring for a no slip grip. The BalShag is designed to retrieve individual golf balls. If you are looking for a product that retrieves and stores golf balls.

Ranger Bag Shag

Te closed top Original bag shag. The open top Ranger bag shag. The Ball Tube. The Range open top is $ 39.95

The Groove Tube (Scrub Brush)

The GROOVE TUBE is a simple golf club cleaning system to help keep your clubs spotless and looking new. It is easy to use, just unscrew the brush from the bottle and add water. Reattach the brush and you are ready to go. Just squeeze the bottle and the water will be released through a hole in the brush. You can attach the GROOVE TUBE directly to your golf bag with the spring loaded clip. The GROOVE TUBE features a large brush area to get complete coverage when cleaning.

The Original Bag Shag

The Original Bag Shag Available in red, navy, black and forest green. Also available with an open top and no zipper for $ 35.00.