Flag Poles

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Flex-King™ Flagsticks

If you’re looking for maximum flag action in minimal wind, a specially tapered top makes Flex-King Flagsticks the perfect choice. Size: .50" (1.3 cm) diameter at ferrule tapering to .373" (.95 cm) at top Weight per carton : 7-1/2' (229 cm); 14 lb (6.3 kg)

Royaline Flagsticks

Our most popular, economical flagstick for years, and the favorite of golf courses everywhere. Ultra-strong, resilient, solid fiberglass construction. All flagsticks come standard with the Smart-Fit ferrule. 7 1/2'

Tournament Flagsticks 7-1/2'

Tournament Flagsticks feature extra heft in the center for remarkable strength, visibility, and wind resistance. Order with British stripe for added visibility. Size: .50" (1.3 cm) diameter at the tip and ferrule .75" (1.9 cm) diameter at the center Weight per carton: 7-1/2' (229 cm); 24 lb (10.8 kg)