1. How long is delivery?
Most everything will be shipped with in 24 to 48 hours with a few back orders.  You will be notified of any back orders by e mail or a post card.
2. Can you custom build?
Yes we will help you automate your Range by designing and building "just for you"
3. What about price?
We understand that " Price is not everything, But is sure does help!  Talk to us...
4. Can you answer our questions?
The Olde RangeMaster probably will answer the phone, not a clerk or a customer service person, etc......
5. Can we really call 24/7?
Try us...........anytime
6. Can we get a deal?
Money talks !   We listen.

7. Do you offer service?
If we can't personally come to you we will give your our Service Techs name & phone number.
8. Do you have used equipment?
Yes we do.
9. Do you have installers?
We install netting anywhere in U.S.
10. Do you have answers to questions not listed here?
Yes, call 24/7!!!!!